Stovall Family 2011

Stovall Family 2011

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

Reid and I have been married for 9 fun years.  We feel blessed to have each other and to have been able to adopt a beautiful little girl in 2010.   I know in my heart that the Lord has a plan for you and is pleased that you are considering adoption. I can't imagine how hard this choice must be, but I want you to know that I wish for you to find happiness and peace through this difficult process.  Please know that we are praying for your health, happiness, and well-being every day.

After 7 years of trying, Reid and I have not been able to have children.  The process of finding this out and then coping with it has been very hard and frustrating for us.  Thankfully, through the gift of adoption, we were able to start our family two years ago.  Reid and I love being parents and sharing our lives with Jessie. We would love the opportunity to share our fun outdoor lifestyle with another of God’s precious children and give Jessie a little brother or sister.

Reid and I are very outgoing, adventurous people who love to be involved in just about everything and love to spend time together outside.  Growing up Reid and I spent a majority of our time with our parents and siblings camping, hunting, fishing, and horseback riding.  We have already begun sharing these experiences with our daughter Jessie and look forward to sharing these experiences with one more child in our family.  Although we have many great friends we feel that our strongest relationships are and should be with our family members and that is what motivated us to return to our home state of Montana after living in Alaska for four years.

We are comfortable with either an open or a closed adoption, but would prefer it to be open as we feel it is very important that our children know where they came from. We have an open relationship with Jessie’s birthparents and are very happy to have Stacey and Aaron in our lives.  We believe, and are excited to teach our children, that their birthparents loved them and wanted them to be happy. We feel it is important to let them know that they have many people in their lives supporting them and cheering them on.

I know that God hears and answers prayers. I also know that as you pray for guidance you will be given answers to your prayers and will know what God would have you do in this difficult decision process.

Below you will find more information about our family and our previous experience with adoption.  On the right side of our blog you will find resources to learn more about the adoption process and our agency.  You will also find links to our adoption profiles and our family blog.  Our email address is listed below. 

Reid & Mishel

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